Given to Hospitality

Romans 12:13 Distributing to the necessity of saints; given to hospitality.

If we are to be “given to hospitality”, we would do well to know better what that means. What is hospitality? According to Google, it is as follows:

Hospitality (häspiˈtalitē): The friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers.

And here is Webster’s primary definition of hospitable:

Hospitable: Given to generous and cordial reception of guests

That seems pretty clear, I suppose. But, how does one generously and cordially receive and entertain guests, visitors, and strangers?

This is what we hope to explain on this blog.

Hospitality should be fun! So join us in getting motivated, inspired, and educated about hospitality, and the many wonderful topics that surround it.

~ Claire ~


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