Pantone Colors for 2015!

Well, girls, here’s what Pantone’s given us to play with this spring:


How will you use these colors? There are so many fun options! A new outfit? New throw pillows? Probably an amazing pair of shoes… 🙂


Top Post from 2014!

From Pinterest again… What a great pairing! The scarf ensures modesty, and the blazer adds class. 🙂

I thought I’d start the year off by reposting some of my top posts from 2014. This one was the most popular (thanks, y’all!):

What to Wear: Making the Outfit Work

So, we’ve now seen some examples of every dress code from casual to white tie formal. And, honestly, it was a sadly difficult series to do with modest pictures. If it’s that difficult to find decent pictures of more formal outfits, how impossible will it be to actually find something to wear?

Thankfully, there are many great ways to make your outfits “work”. Here are some tricks that I use a lot:

  • Shrugs

These are fabulous for transforming any tank top, sleeveless dress, or even strapless gown into a more modest outfit! They can work well for the most casual or the most formal looks.

  • Tank Tops/Sleeveless Shells

We can be thankful that layers are “in”! Find a tank/shell with either a high neckline, or (more commonly) a high BACK, and wear it under those tops that are too low in the neck. And, yes, when I say a high back, I mean that I actually wear these things backward (very often). It works wonderfully!

  • Scarves

These are amazing. I’ve used them to make baggy clothes appear to fit better, create a halter on a strapless dress (over which I then wore a shrug or tied a button-down top… I’ll try to remember to post about that one later!), or make the neckline on my outfit modest. If your top has a neckline that is a bit low for your taste, simply add an infinity scarf and voila! A modest ensemble.

  • Necklaces + Safety Pins

No kidding. I’ve done this several times with success! I’ll often wear a tank top, tie a button-down shirt over it, then wonder what to do about the low-ish neckline of the tank. I want it to be modest even when I bend down, so, I’ve found necklaces to do the trick. I have several medium-length necklaces (reaching just lower than the collarbone) that I can discreetly safety-pin to the tank top neckline, and prevent any gaping when I bend over.

  • Belts/Sashes/Ribbons/etc.

So, your whole outfit is modest and cute… until you bend over. Then, low and behold, half your back is showing. Sometimes this will require adding a long tank top under your current top. But, often, putting a cute belt/sash/or even wide ribbon over your outfit will fix your problems!

Review: K & G Fashion Superstore

Hey, y’all! Apparently, my brain decided to take a long holiday, and gave me nothing to work with on the blog. But, yesterday, my brother went suit shopping… So, I thought I’d share his shopping success story!

Click on the image to visit the site.

We’ve been keeping an eye out for good deals on suits for quite some time now. Kyle only owned one suit… It was grey, and really a bit large for him. Granted, it’s gotten him through a lot of events, and it only cost $12? from a thrift store (I’m not joking), but it was high time he upgrade.

Click on the image to visit the site.


Yesterday, late in the morning, Kyle declared that a K&G Fashion Superstore was having a deal: 3 Suits for $200. Thankfully, our day was flexible, so Mama and Kyle left just a few minutes later. They returned bearing 3 suits (Black, Grey 3-Piece, Brown 3-Piece), a tie, and 2 $5 suit bags all for under $250. Plus, they said the store was full of affordable dress shoes, ladies clothing, etc. I think I need to visit there, too!

Red + Sequins + Holiday Makeup

So, I’ve taken the inspiration from the last couple of posts (on holiday makeup and fashion), and gone “closet shopping”. By this, I mean that I’ve stepped back, taken a fresh look at what I already own, and assembled a brand new look – no money involved. Talk about budget-friendly style!

Sequins have been a staple in my wardrobe for nearly 6 years… But, only for on stage. I wanted to find a way to wear them that wasn’t so dressy. Using some ideas from yesterday’s post, this is what I came up with:

I’m wearing a basic white button-down underneath my white+silver sequin tank top. To make it more casual (and add a much-welcomed pop of blue), I added the denim shirt.

And, since this season begs for bold red pieces, I wore this with my straight bright red skirt. With some tall, high-heeled leather boots, the ensemble came together pretty well… Minus the photography part… 😉 (I’ll explain the measuring tape and Post-Its in a later post.)

And, here’s a closer-up of my hair and makeup. I decided to go simple on the makeup… Foundation (e.l.f. – applied with fingers, then brush), powder blush (minimal blush, focusing on cheekbones), ivory eyeshadow (just the base color from a basic “nude” palette – all over the lid and brow bone), black mascara, and a rusty-red lipstick and liner.

My hair was even simpler! Working after my normal routine*, all I did was use 2 bobby pins to hold back the top section of hair. That’s it. No brushing. No hairspray. Just 2 bobby pins.

*I had washed it 24hrs earlier, used some mousse (working it in while it was still really wet), and scrunched it while it air-dried. This helps encourage/define the natural waves. To help keep volume at the crown, I slept with it (dry) that night in a high ponytail.



Holiday Fashion to Try

As I’ve looked around for inspirational holiday season fashion, I’ve seen a theme: Sequins.

This is definitely the time to break out the sequins – for any occasion!

I’m seeing LOTS of sequin tank + blazer outfits, and I’m really liking it. Here’s one I found that’s on the dressier side of things, perfect for a night out.

found on Pinterest – created on Polyvore by styleofe

But, it doesn’t have to be that dressy! Check out these looks, pairing the sequins with simple cardigans or button-down blouses, and your favorite denim:

found on Pinterest – from

found on Pinterest – from

Holiday Makeup Looks to Try

Here are a few looks worth trying that I’ve found on Pinterest. The great thing is, I probably already own most of what these take!

This season, try going for a clean, fresh makeup look. Add a bold red lip color, and maybe some simple eyeliner, and you’re ready for whatever the holidays throw your way!

Even if you don’t go really festive with your outfit, your makeup can subtly show your holiday spirit. (found on Pinterest)


You can take it up a notch, and add a metallic eyeliner, as shown below:

found on Pinterest


Or, if you prefer a more casual look, try doing less to your eyes. Keep it looking natural: Use little to no eyeshadow, and only white eyeliner (for the lower waterline… I would consider this optional).

found on Pinterest


Fall and winter, Thanksgiving and Christmas… It calls something deep inside many of us to suddenly *need* the color red. So far this season, I’ve bought one bright red skirt and stared at a lot of red pumps… I haven’t broken down and bought any just yet…

How will you wear red this season?

Go for a cute, simple, casual, look, dressed up with classy red pumps and a matching purse. (found on Pinterest)

Talk about a great combination of girlie and casual! I love this. I may need to go find me a bright red scarf now… (found on Pinterest)

Here’s a bolder and dressier option. I could definitely go for this! (found on Pinterest)

Ah, gloves. They can add so much to an outfit! (found on Pinterest)