Christmas Shopping

I think I’m about done with my Christmas shopping. I love getting to go gift shopping! But, even at the holidays, I try to shop smart. Here are some of the best places I found:

Click the image to go to the website.

  • K&G (They have great prices on fashion jewelry, men’s ties, etc., so it’s perfect for gift shopping.)

Click the image to go to the website.

  • Ross (This is an all-time favorite. Though they have lots of clothes, they also have quite a lot of fashion jewelry, purses, luggage, misc. electronics, and home items. The prices are awesome!)

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  • Burkes (I put this in the same category as Ross. I think I prefer Ross, but Dickson only has a Burke’s. 🙂 Luke and I did find some deals here, though.)

Where do you like to shop for gifts?


At-Home Grocery Shopping

It was already after 11:00 a.m., and I was almost done folding another load of laundry. If I got my act together, I knew we could eat something other than PB&J for lunch… But, what would it be?

Sometimes it’s a good idea to think about those leftovers, or other need-to-be-used ingredients, rather than starting from scratch. So, I found some left over grilled chicken and worked from there.

Here’s what I ended up with:

Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Caramelized Red Onions and Grilled Chicken

  • leftover grilled chicken, sliced
  • red onion (the very last one…), caramelized
  • leftover bacon jalapeño cream cheese spread
  • cheddar-jack sliced cheese (that I found tucked back in the cheese drawer)
  • bacon grease, for frying

Voila! It turned out to be a tasty combo of ingredients that really needed to be used.

Review: K & G Fashion Superstore

Hey, y’all! Apparently, my brain decided to take a long holiday, and gave me nothing to work with on the blog. But, yesterday, my brother went suit shopping… So, I thought I’d share his shopping success story!

Click on the image to visit the site.

We’ve been keeping an eye out for good deals on suits for quite some time now. Kyle only owned one suit… It was grey, and really a bit large for him. Granted, it’s gotten him through a lot of events, and it only cost $12? from a thrift store (I’m not joking), but it was high time he upgrade.

Click on the image to visit the site.


Yesterday, late in the morning, Kyle declared that a K&G Fashion Superstore was having a deal: 3 Suits for $200. Thankfully, our day was flexible, so Mama and Kyle left just a few minutes later. They returned bearing 3 suits (Black, Grey 3-Piece, Brown 3-Piece), a tie, and 2 $5 suit bags all for under $250. Plus, they said the store was full of affordable dress shoes, ladies clothing, etc. I think I need to visit there, too!

Festive Fall Table

Last year, Daddy bought Mama a set of each color (at the time: red, cobalt, green, yellow, orange) of Mainstays dishes.

At the time, this color was not available… But, this is the kind we purchased – Mainstays 16-Piece Round Dinnerware Set ($26.88). Click on the image to see it at

So, this year, I was able to set a festive, fall-colored table using all but the cobalt.

It is so simple, affordable, and festive. We paired them with alternating green and gold napkins (avoiding setting the gold by the yellow, or the green by the green…). On the table, we have a white (off-white would work great) brocade table cloth, covered with an off-white lace cloth. A centerpiece of a few varying-sized pumpkins – some white, some orange – makes for an excellent fall table.



Red + Sequins + Holiday Makeup

So, I’ve taken the inspiration from the last couple of posts (on holiday makeup and fashion), and gone “closet shopping”. By this, I mean that I’ve stepped back, taken a fresh look at what I already own, and assembled a brand new look – no money involved. Talk about budget-friendly style!

Sequins have been a staple in my wardrobe for nearly 6 years… But, only for on stage. I wanted to find a way to wear them that wasn’t so dressy. Using some ideas from yesterday’s post, this is what I came up with:

I’m wearing a basic white button-down underneath my white+silver sequin tank top. To make it more casual (and add a much-welcomed pop of blue), I added the denim shirt.

And, since this season begs for bold red pieces, I wore this with my straight bright red skirt. With some tall, high-heeled leather boots, the ensemble came together pretty well… Minus the photography part… 😉 (I’ll explain the measuring tape and Post-Its in a later post.)

And, here’s a closer-up of my hair and makeup. I decided to go simple on the makeup… Foundation (e.l.f. – applied with fingers, then brush), powder blush (minimal blush, focusing on cheekbones), ivory eyeshadow (just the base color from a basic “nude” palette – all over the lid and brow bone), black mascara, and a rusty-red lipstick and liner.

My hair was even simpler! Working after my normal routine*, all I did was use 2 bobby pins to hold back the top section of hair. That’s it. No brushing. No hairspray. Just 2 bobby pins.

*I had washed it 24hrs earlier, used some mousse (working it in while it was still really wet), and scrunched it while it air-dried. This helps encourage/define the natural waves. To help keep volume at the crown, I slept with it (dry) that night in a high ponytail.



Christmas Cards

I just got an email this morning from Vistaprint, announcing that their Christmas cards are 50% off right now!

I’ve used Vistaprint many times now, over the past few years. The products are professional, the customer service is awesome, and the site is very user-friendly.

So, if you’re looking for a good place to buy customized Christmas cards, look no further. 🙂

Click on the image to go to

Plus, you can even customize your own gift tags, or fun products like mugs and phone cases.

They have so many great designs, or you could upload your own!


Fall and winter, Thanksgiving and Christmas… It calls something deep inside many of us to suddenly *need* the color red. So far this season, I’ve bought one bright red skirt and stared at a lot of red pumps… I haven’t broken down and bought any just yet…

How will you wear red this season?

Go for a cute, simple, casual, look, dressed up with classy red pumps and a matching purse. (found on Pinterest)

Talk about a great combination of girlie and casual! I love this. I may need to go find me a bright red scarf now… (found on Pinterest)

Here’s a bolder and dressier option. I could definitely go for this! (found on Pinterest)

Ah, gloves. They can add so much to an outfit! (found on Pinterest)