Herbal Organization

Hey, y’all! I thought I’d share how we organize our herbs and spices that we get in bulk.

When my sister got married and moved out, we found ourselves with a spare dresser. As I organized our herbs, we found the perfect use for that dresser.

the top drawer of our herbs, in alphabetical order

the top drawer of our herbs, stuffed in there in alphabetical order 🙂

It works so well, and looks great… which is good, since it is one of the first pieces of furniture you see when you walk in the door. 🙂


Happy 2015!

Well, hello again, y’all! I’ve enjoyed a good vacation over the holidays, but it’s time to get back at it.

The turn of a new year can be a very motivational time for all of us. We’ll finally work on that daily routine thing, start working out more regularly, spend less time staring at our phones and computers… We probably all have a list going through our heads right now.

My advice: Write it down. Keep it visible. Do it.

This year, we’re also working on setting some “project” goals as a family – but, keeping it reasonable. With 4 adults and 1 almost-teenager in the household, our schedules can be more than a little difficult to work around. So, here’s what we’re thinking of doing sometime in 2015:

Yep, it needs some landscaping. We may need to remove a few trees, as well…

One or Two Indoor Projects

  1. Remodel the hall bathroom.
  2. Remove the carpet from the stairs.

One or Two Outdoor Projects

  1. Driveway (Repair? Rebuild? Pave?)
  2. Landscaping

Hopefully, these will be very doable as we find opportunities to work on them this year. I’m really looking forward to it!

These were my landscaping helpers last year at the dairy!

Closet Re-Org

Yesterday I finally got in my “closet” (a.k.a. a corner of the sewing room/guest room/etc. that is connected to my bedroom) and reorganized. Organizing is a job I love, but, when it comes to my personal stuff, I’m usually in a mess.

Now that my older sister is married, the second bed in my room is far too often covered in clothes. With as much traveling as I’ve been doing these last few weeks, suitcases and shoeboxes have added to the chaos.

So, it was past time to address the issue. Instead of just hanging my clothes and being done with it, I decided to actually reorganize the whole space and make a new start.

It’s not the best photo, but it’ll give you a good idea of what it looks like.

Our house has no closets, other than a small medicine closet in the hall bathroom, a sort of coat closet under the stairs, and a small closet added into the master bedroom. So, I use wire shelves, shoe shelves, and hanging cubbies to take the place of a closet. Yesterday, I organized the hanging clothes as you see above:

  • Tunics
  • Skirts (roughly by color)
  • Dresses (by color, hung in the corner in order to open up the top of the shoe shelves)
  • Tops (by color)
  • Long Coats (hung to the side, out of the way of the shoe shelves)
Shoe Shelf #1

Shoe Shelf #1

For gig nights, I usually wear stilettos… Which don’t fit well on or under these shoe shelves. But, I did find that they fit pretty well like I have them in the picture above. They would obviously fit fine on the top shelf, but, considering the amount of boots I have, it was clearly reserved for them.

Shoe Shelves #’s 2 and 3

Since the hanging cubbies are holding most of my other shoes, I was able to dedicate all but the top shelf of these last two shoe shelves to clothes. I folded my jeans and cardigans, and laid them in neat piles on the floor (after cleaning it!). The middle shelves hold my “crinkly” skirts – the kind that can be stored in knots.

We’ll see how this system works out! Do you have any favorite organization tricks for closets?



Season Transition: Wardrobe Purging

The warm weather is not gone, but we have more and more hints that it’s on it’s way out. This means that it’s time to take a look at your wardrobe. Should some of it be on it’s way out, too? Look at all your spring and summer clothes, especially.

Here’s a flow chart I created to help with the purging:

Seasonal Wardrobe Purging flow chart

For more detail:

An easy first step is to spy any of those pieces that are bad colors on you. If it’s a bad color, it probably shouldn’t be in your closet. Purge it. Next step:

Does it fit you?

  • No

Purge it. Someone else can put it to better use.

  • Yes…

Did you wear it at all during the season?

  • No

Purge it. If you did without it for an entire year, you can do without it for good.

  • Yes

Now we’re talking. It’s a great color, it fits nicely, and you’ve proven that you’ll wear it. If you have the space, I’d say you’ve found yourself a keeper.

Hanging Solution for Lots of Towels…

Hey, y’all! I just stumbled upon this fabulous idea, and couldn’t help but share it. We often have the conundrum of where to hang all those extra towels when we have guests. This would solve it! I think I might have to do this when I get to remodel the bathroom…

Just use a traditional towel rod or curtain rod, and lots of “S” hooks! Click on the picture to visit CraftRiver.com

What to Have on Hand: Picture Hanging

Rather than having to purchase hanging equipment for each new photograph or work of art, we try to keep a stash of the basic items.

A few small nails, several sizes of hooks and hangers, a little wire, and you’re on your way! This kit from Amazon.com looks like a good place to start:

Click the image to see it on Amazon.com.

Random Tip: Wrinkle Reducing

Click the picture to see these on Amazon.com.

While staying with some very dear friends recently, I was taught this simple trick for accomplishing wrinkle-free clothing without the iron!

Remove the clothes from the dryer BEFORE they are completely dry, and while they’re still hot. Hang them nicely, and remove any potential wrinkles with your hands. Allow them to air dry the rest of the way while on the hanger.