Introducing Pantone’s Color of the Year

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I have seen 2015 referred to as “The Year of Wine”, which I think sums it up very nicely. There are so many beautiful ways to incorporate shades of marsala into our wardrobe and decor. Check out my Marsala Pinterest board (by clicking the image above) to find lots of inspiration.


Pantone Colors for 2015!

Well, girls, here’s what Pantone’s given us to play with this spring:


How will you use these colors? There are so many fun options! A new outfit? New throw pillows? Probably an amazing pair of shoes… 🙂

2nd Most Popular from 2014…

And here is the second most popular post from 2014. These things were fun to make! We had a great time…

Coffee Filter Flower Tutorial

For those of you who have been interested in how we made the coffee filter flowers, here’s a step-by-step tutorial. The great thing about these flowers is that they cost next to nothing to make! Plus, it’s simple enough for kids to do.

All you’ll need is a stapler, a good pair of scissors, some tape (optional), and your coffee filters. We used several different sizes – and even tried mini cupcake liners!

Coffee Filter Flowers - tools

Each flower uses 10 coffee filters. To start, you take the first filter (or two, if you have good scissors), and fold it as shown in steps 1-4 below.

Coffee Filter Flower Tutorial (steps 1-5) final

When it is folded, simply cut around the top to create a rounded edge (shown in step 5 above and in the picture below). For a different look, try trimming the filters to a point. This will give your flower a spiky look!

Creating the petals

Repeat with the other 9 filters.


When all the filters have been cut, lay them out on the table and begin stacking them.

Starting the flower

We found it worked nicely to alternate the petals, rather than aligning them with each other.

Alternate petal patterns

Continue stacking until all the filters have been used.

Stacking the filters

Now, staple the filters together in the very center. We stapled both from the top and the bottom of the stack, in order to provide more stability.

Staple the center of the filters.

If you have large coffee filters, you can reach the middle by folding over the edges of the filters, as shown below.

How to reach the center with a stapler

Once they are all stapled up, and ready to go, take the top filter and bunch it together. This will be the center of the flower.

Forming the flower

Repeat with each filter until a relatively tight flower is formed.

The flower - pre-fluffing

Now, stand your flower up and fluff it. You can do a bit of shaping now to suit your taste.

Fluffing the flower

At this point, if you like, you may pinch the filters around the staples and tape it up. This creates a sort of stem, and can help finalize the shape of your flower.

The stem

And voila! A lovely flower.

The final product

The Tree is Up!

It’s finally up, folks!

Last night, Daddy brought home a Christmas tree, and our traditional tree-decorating evening commenced. 🙂


  • Elvis Christmas Music
  • Finger foods & Appetizers

That’s pretty much it. Once those are going, we can pull out are boxes full of ornaments, and load up the tree. Now that we have SO many ornaments, we have to carefully choose which ornaments we want to use. It’s a lot of fun! Let the Christmas season officially begin…

Festive Fall Table

Last year, Daddy bought Mama a set of each color (at the time: red, cobalt, green, yellow, orange) of Mainstays dishes.

At the time, this color was not available… But, this is the kind we purchased – Mainstays 16-Piece Round Dinnerware Set ($26.88). Click on the image to see it at

So, this year, I was able to set a festive, fall-colored table using all but the cobalt.

It is so simple, affordable, and festive. We paired them with alternating green and gold napkins (avoiding setting the gold by the yellow, or the green by the green…). On the table, we have a white (off-white would work great) brocade table cloth, covered with an off-white lace cloth. A centerpiece of a few varying-sized pumpkins – some white, some orange – makes for an excellent fall table.



Hanging Solution for Lots of Towels…

Hey, y’all! I just stumbled upon this fabulous idea, and couldn’t help but share it. We often have the conundrum of where to hang all those extra towels when we have guests. This would solve it! I think I might have to do this when I get to remodel the bathroom…

Just use a traditional towel rod or curtain rod, and lots of “S” hooks! Click on the picture to visit

Home Beautification

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Part of making a home beautiful is actually the maintenance. It’s not always as fun as decorating a room, but it is necessary. Here’s a good tip that I need to remember more often:

Sweep and/or dust-mop the main rooms (with heaviest traffic – for us, this is the living room, dining room, and kitchen) daily.

It may be that your house naturally stays cleaner than ours, and will not need dust-mopping as frequently… No, I’m serious. Our house is fronted by a dusty dirt (specifically, chert) road, our driveway is the same chert, and my brothers and father are always doing very dirty things around the farm. So, dust-mopping daily is really pretty necessary.

As a hint if you’re busy choosing your flooring right now, dark floors show everything. They’re beautiful when clean, but any dust, crumbs, or anything else will show on them almost immediately. I would recommend going with something a little lighter… A nice middle-ground between very light and very dark. 🙂