Coming Soon…

Well, folks, I’ve taken a longer break from the blog than anticipated. I am currently working on a project addressing protocol, and I’m trying to do it justice. To be honest, this is such a huge task that I had a difficult time even figuring out where to begin.

I hope to post snippets of this project regularly, to encourage all of us toward more considerate living.

Here are a few topics that I’m working on currently:

  1. Why Protocol? (a brief explanation of why protocol even matters)
  2. How to Be a Good Guest (rules-of-thumb for being a polite and enjoyable guest)
  3. Invitations (what to look for when reading them, and what to do about them)
  4. R.S.V.P. (what it means, what to do about it, and what NOT to do)

This is just the tip of the iceberg!

If you have any related topics that you would like to see addressed on here, please leave a comment. I’ll see what I can do!


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