Concealed Carry Wardrobe

As many of you know, I purchased a holster a while back (click HERE to read my review post), and have loved it. I can now conceal carry my M&P Shield almost all the time – the only exception really being when I’m wearing a dress or jumper.

This has somewhat effected the way I dress, and how I shop for clothing. Thankfully not much! But, there are a few things that I choose for, or add to, my outfits to help conceal better.

Created on Polyvore…

One thing to keep in mind: It is best to be wearing your gun while you’re shopping for clothes. That way, you’ll know how the clothes conceal/fit with it.


I have a knit, drape-front vest that I wear over t-shirts for added concealment. I also wear denim shirts (or other button-downs) open, over tank tops. Tank tops and t-shirts are usually more fitted, and tend to show the holster contents a little more. 😉


I have often tied the fronts of my blouses (usually over a tank), to help them look like they fit better. I just do it a little looser now, and it does wonders for concealment. The gathers and interest around the hemline help to cover up and distract from any printing the gun might be doing.

Peasant Style

And, by “peasant style”, I simply mean fuller tops, often gathered at the neckline, or onto a yoke. This keeps the top loose, and hides the gun really well.

If you’ll notice, all of these options allow me to keep my tops untucked. This way, the gun is much more easily accessible, and stays well hidden.


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