Modern-Day Challenge

As I’ve continued to look at etiquette through the years, I’ve stumbled upon some points that, for many of us, would be quite a challenge.

On, I found a page entitled “Party Manners 101”. This is a GREAT list of the basics, and perfect for a quick reference.

There are 13 points, ranging from “Arrive on Time” to “The Thoughtful Afterthought” (regarding thank you notes). What immediately struck me, however, was the second point:

Turn off your cell phone.
While you’re at a party, consider yourself unavailable. If you’re expecting a call or must be reachable, put your phone on vibrate and excuse yourself to another room to take the call. Never use or answer a host’s phone without permission. If you are asked to answer the phone, say, “Scherr residence.”

This point goes for more than just “parties”, but it sounds so extreme, doesn’t it? How can a whole group of people come together, and unplug from ALL the other groups that they are always available to? Email, Facebook, Pinterest, iMessage, Instagram, Twitter, etc., etc., etc… all turned OFF for a whole event. Really?

Norman Rockwell perfectly portrays the scenario, with a newspaper in place of a modern-day device. (found on Pinterest)

Yes, really.

So, I am challenging us to focus more of our attentions on the folks around us – in person – by setting aside our devices while we’re with them. Can we do it? I believe so. 🙂


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