Pattern Review: Simplicity 3673

I haven’t done much sewing in several years, but, thankfully, I launched a new project yesterday morning. Since this Lord’s Day is Easter, I had some motivation to accomplish my goal…

image found on Pinterest

I have had a piece of yellow fabric (with white polka dots! 😀 ) just sitting on my shelf for years. I’ve wanted to make it into something, but kept changing my mind on which pattern to use. Yesterday morning, I woke up with determination. I want an Easter dress. I want to use that yellow fabric. And… how about that Simplicity pattern? Done.

I have made this pattern a couple of times in the past, and really love it. Everything goes together like it’s supposed to, and it fits nicely with no alterations. This time around, the only thing I changed was the hem length. I just added 2.5 inches (since that’s as much as my narrow fabric would allow), and it works great. I like my dresses fairly long (no knees showing when I sit down, etc.), so, in order to make the most of my 2.5 extra inches, I finished the hemline with white, double-fold bias tape instead of a traditional hem. This adds a little character, too.

I completed the whole project in one day (though, I’m planning to add a lining to the skirt today), which is astounding for me. I am not a fast seamstress, by any means.

This is a great pattern, even for not-so-experienced, or somewhat rusty seamstresses… Like myself. 🙂


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