Pack Light…

A Pendleton Weekender bag (sadly, no longer available…) found on Pinterest. 🙂

Lord willing, I will be road-tripping by this time Friday. My brother and I, and one of our best friends are traveling several hours together, along with all of our luggage, pillows, a sound system, two microphone stands, a guitar, and a fiddle. Somehow, we’re going to fit all of this into a Toyota sedan. Hmm…

So, I have packing on my mind. More specifically, I have packing light on my mind – even though I’ll be gone for over a week. Here’s my thought process at the moment:


Pack skirts and pants that are easy to re-wear with a different top (jeans, casual black skirts, etc.). So, I plan to get 10 days of outfits out of only… 4 or 5?… skirts/pairs of pants.

Broomstick Skirts

These are AMAZING for traveling. Twist ’em up, tie ’em in a knot, and stuff ’em in the duffle bag. You don’t have to worry about wearing wrinkly clothes, if they’re supposed to be wrinkly! 😀

Minimal Shoe Options

I’m going for versatile footwear, so I’ll only have to take 2 or 3 pairs. Nude pumps can take me from the supermarket to church/a nice dinner, and a decent pair of tall boots will probably do the rest. I may, instead of tall boots, take my Converse shoes, since my trip will be a very “casual” trip. They’re definitely easier to pack. But, we’ll see…

Do you have any tips for smart packing?


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