Cooking Term: Au Jus

Here is the definition according to Merriam-Webster.

Au Jus

adjective | \ō-ˈzhü(s), -ˈjüs; ō-zhue\

: served in the juice obtained from roasting

I did a quick search on, and found Sandra Lee’s recipe from Prime Rib Au Jus. Click the image to see it!

The origin of this term is French, literally meaning, “with juice”. So, beware of the temptation to say “with au jus”. Horror of horrors! You would be committing a grammar crime. You wouldn’t want to say, “with with juice”, now would you?

For example, this recipe is called “Prime Rib Au Jus” – not “Prime Rib with Au Jus”.

There you go! You have now had a lesson in another cooking term AND grammar. 🙂


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