Product Review: Dene Adams’ Corset Holster

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I believe I have finally found the solution, girls! I’ve been searching for many many months for a practical way to conceal carry. Here were my preferences:

  1. on-body carry
  2. fully concealed
  3. usable even when I wear skirts (most conceal carry works best with jeans/pants)

Plus, I was wanting to conceal a Smith and Wesson M&P Shield, 9mm. This is a larger gun than what several friends carry, but I don’t like to shoot tiny guns. I wanted something that was comfortable in my hands, but still small enough to conceal.

So, I just bought my gun (from Everything Weapons in Franklin, TN), and have now tried it in my brand new corset holster!

Dene Adams slim holsters fit snuggly around the waist, like a corset. They are comfortable, and are padded in the front for added comfort and concealment. Even as small as I am, I am able to comfortably conceal now. Woohoo!

Dene Adams Corset Holster, small

This is my holster. Since the small only went down to a 26in waist, I took it up just a bit in the sides. It works GREAT!

To learn more about this company, click HERE.


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