Happy 2015!

Well, hello again, y’all! I’ve enjoyed a good vacation over the holidays, but it’s time to get back at it.

The turn of a new year can be a very motivational time for all of us. We’ll finally work on that daily routine thing, start working out more regularly, spend less time staring at our phones and computers… We probably all have a list going through our heads right now.

My advice: Write it down. Keep it visible. Do it.

This year, we’re also working on setting some “project” goals as a family – but, keeping it reasonable. With 4 adults and 1 almost-teenager in the household, our schedules can be more than a little difficult to work around. So, here’s what we’re thinking of doing sometime in 2015:

Yep, it needs some landscaping. We may need to remove a few trees, as well…

One or Two Indoor Projects

  1. Remodel the hall bathroom.
  2. Remove the carpet from the stairs.

One or Two Outdoor Projects

  1. Driveway (Repair? Rebuild? Pave?)
  2. Landscaping

Hopefully, these will be very doable as we find opportunities to work on them this year. I’m really looking forward to it!

These were my landscaping helpers last year at the dairy!


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