Red + Sequins + Holiday Makeup

So, I’ve taken the inspiration from the last couple of posts (on holiday makeup and fashion), and gone “closet shopping”. By this, I mean that I’ve stepped back, taken a fresh look at what I already own, and assembled a brand new look – no money involved. Talk about budget-friendly style!

Sequins have been a staple in my wardrobe for nearly 6 years… But, only for on stage. I wanted to find a way to wear them that wasn’t so dressy. Using some ideas from yesterday’s post, this is what I came up with:

I’m wearing a basic white button-down underneath my white+silver sequin tank top. To make it more casual (and add a much-welcomed pop of blue), I added the denim shirt.

And, since this season begs for bold red pieces, I wore this with my straight bright red skirt. With some tall, high-heeled leather boots, the ensemble came together pretty well… Minus the photography part… 😉 (I’ll explain the measuring tape and Post-Its in a later post.)

And, here’s a closer-up of my hair and makeup. I decided to go simple on the makeup… Foundation (e.l.f. – applied with fingers, then brush), powder blush (minimal blush, focusing on cheekbones), ivory eyeshadow (just the base color from a basic “nude” palette – all over the lid and brow bone), black mascara, and a rusty-red lipstick and liner.

My hair was even simpler! Working after my normal routine*, all I did was use 2 bobby pins to hold back the top section of hair. That’s it. No brushing. No hairspray. Just 2 bobby pins.

*I had washed it 24hrs earlier, used some mousse (working it in while it was still really wet), and scrunched it while it air-dried. This helps encourage/define the natural waves. To help keep volume at the crown, I slept with it (dry) that night in a high ponytail.




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