Make Way for Baby

A sweet Norman Rockwell picture – found, of course, on Pinterest. 🙂

It has been many years since our household has had a baby crawling around, getting into everything. I am amazed at how quickly our house and routines become “un-babyproofed”. You don’t really notice the change until suddenly… grand babies come along. 🙂

This weekend, my sister and her husband are coming down – with the baby. Even the idea of this makes our whole family smile. Is there anything cuter than my nephew? I didn’t think so. 😉 But, it also makes us start thinking about baby proofing, and pulling out all the nearly-forgotten baby stuff. Here’s a list of items that are good to keep on hand for guests with babies (I’ve probably listed these before, but this will serve as a refresher):

  • Portable Crib(s)
  • Baby Gates
  • Baby Swing (We just got one of these… Having one really REALLY helped on those long nights when Ryan was smaller.)
  • Quilts/Blankets (These should be washable, and allowed to get stained.)

Meanwhile, we need to think about moving chemicals, etc. to a higher cabinet, and using all those old outlet covers again. I’d better get busy…


One thought on “Make Way for Baby

  1. mudpilewood says:

    Yes I agree about the cuteness of babies, but boy they are hard work, though I love my niece’s baby I am quite happy to hand her back to her mom when it is time to go home.

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