I’m Back! + To-Do List

Okay, it’s time to get back to business. Vacation was great, and our push to get the church moved into the new facility was successful!

Now, after sleeping WAY in, and being still out of routine from all the traveling, how will I have a productive day?

I find that sitting down in the morning and writing out a simple to-do list can make a world of difference. I usually stay busy, but without a list, I often flit from one job to the next without making progress on the most pressing tasks. I’ll try to keep the to-do list fairly short (so that I’ll actually feel motivated to cross it all off), and prioritized. Here goes:

  1. Wash everyone’s sheets.
  2. Bathe the dog. (while sheets are in wash)
  3. Finish unpacking from all the trips recently, and PUT ALL CLOTHES AWAY PROPERLY.
  4. Dust mop downstairs.
  5. Blog ahead.
  6. Prepare Supper (Hmm… I reckon I need to figure out what to make…)

Time to start chipping away at the list. What are your favorite methods for having a productive day?


3 thoughts on “I’m Back! + To-Do List

  1. Sarah says:

    To do lists are the best kind of motivation:) If I go to bed early and wake up early, I will usually have a more productive day. Also not getting distracted easily throughout the day.


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