Working Vacation…

I had such a wonderful vacation, y’all! The best part, by far, was the re-grouping our family was able do with two very dear families. I wish I could put it in to adequate words, but I know I can’t.

This was our view on the last night. If only a photograph could do it justice!

Now, on to business:

So… It looks like I’d better extend my blogging vacation just a little longer. We’re making a big push to get our church meeting place changed over to a new building (lots of work to do still!), and, since my mother is away visiting the grand baby, I’m the housekeeper here at home. That plus 3 days out of town at the end of this week has made me think twice about squeezing in blogging.

But, in the meantime, y’all can share with me what you would most like to see more of on here. Any requests? Favorite posts? Here are a few categories that I’ve enjoyed posting in lately (click the links to see the posts):

I’m open to requests for more of the above, or suggestions for new topics!



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