Fall 2014 – Style on a Budget: Fuchsia (or Sangria!) + Black

How about another “Style on a Budget” for this season?

This outfit was inspiring. It has class, simplicity, color, and lots of femininity.

via Pinterest – popsugar.com

This time, I found items at both Kohls.com, and JCPenny.com – all under $25.oo! I couldn’t really hope to find an adorable, midi-length coat for that price, so we’ll hope you have a favorite coat hanging in the closet.

As always, you can click on any of the pictures below to find them on their store websites.

First off, I found a basic fuchsia T-shirt from JCPenny. On clearance right now, it’s only $9.99!

JCPenny – CLEARANCE $9.99

On Kohls.com, I found this pendant necklace – 24in long – for only $16.50.

SALE: $16.50

Back to JCP… Here’s a more modest pencil skirt than most. It actually reaches mid-calf! Plus, it’s only $19.99 right now.

JCPenny – SALE: $19.99

Oh, how I love fun shoes. These classic pumps are from Kohls.com, and, in my opinion, are adorable. I’m pretty sure I could figure out a reason to need these. 😉

Kohls.com – SALE: 23.99


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