Florida??? But what about swim suits???

Those of us who have been on this deliberate journey through figuring out modesty and dressing respectably will probably all agree that swimwear is… tricky. That shows too much skin. That’s ultra modest, but I can’t swim in it to save my life – literally. That one really compromises my standards… But, that one makes me look muslim.

Part of dressing respectably is trying to keep in mind what your clothes are saying about you. I am not Amish, Mennonite, Quaker, Mormon, or Muslim, and I really don’t want people thinking that I am. If you’ve never had to work through this issue, just trust me: the struggle is real.

So, my family is getting ready to go to the beach with a couple of other families. We’ve never done a trip like this before, and we’re all really excited. But, seeing as we leave in just a few short days, and I will be out of town for most of those days, I really need to figure out what to pack. Here’s what I’ve been doing for swimwear for the past few years. No, it doesn’t solve everything, but it works.

  • Capris – something you feel comfortable swimming in, and preferably from material that won’t hold too much water.
  • T-Shirt – spandex works great. Look for swim shirts, or other athletic shirts for water-wicking, stretchy material.
  • Short skirt (I like to cover my hips for a little added modesty), or dress – again, look for swim-appropriate materials.

I have noticed that a layer of sheer material over the top or skirt (such as with the skirt and olive-colored dress above) can help with maintaining modesty. The material sheds water quickly, and won’t cling to your body as long when you come out of the water.

I have successfully found lots of options like these at Goodwill through the years. So, you can come away with several swimwear options for hardly any cash!

There ya go. It’s not too complicated after all!


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