Travel Style – Pajamas

Kyle and I are getting ready to hit the road again for a few days. We’ll be staying at our band leader’s house, so it’s like a second home. This makes staying there very easy and stress-free – but doesn’t completely eliminate the need for thinking through what I’ll pack.

I’ll probably pack a couple of bling-y black outfits for on stage, a pair of boots, a pair of stilettos, and all that jazz. That shouldn’t be much different than any other performance.

And, when we’re on the road, I’ll probably be in something comfortable, but stylish enough for shopping, etc. Hopefully, this won’t be a big deal either.

But, what about pajamas? I could pack something that I would only allow myself to wear in my bedroom. Hmm. But, that’s impractical, seeing as I share a bathroom with my brother, and sometimes another band member. Plus, there’s the fact that, after getting back from the gig, I’ll want to shower and change into pajamas… probably awhile before actually going to bed. Yep. I need something decent.

Ever found yourself in such a position? Here’s what I’ve done to solve the conundrum.

Find some comfy “Yoga” pants (I prefer them to be loose-fitting, like the ones shown above, for added modesty.), and pair them with a basic tank top.

Throw a fun tunic or short dress over this, and you’re ready to settle in for the evening – without the necessity of a robe.

At this point, I like to go ahead and take my hair down, too. So, I pack some knit headbands, and voila! My hair is out of the way, with the comfort of being down. When it’s time to hit the sack, I’ll use the headband to tie up my high ponytail for effortless, voluminous hair the next day.


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