Dress Review

I did it! I actually worked up the nerve to order a dress off of Of course, it helped that I had a long-forgotten gift card waiting to be used… Nothing to lose, right?

Click the image to find the dress on Currently $25.28 with FREE shipping!

Okay, so the image is a little squished… But the dress intrigued me. It was long, flowing, actually had SLEEVES, and had a reasonable neckline. This is shockingly difficult to come across in the world of online shopping. Plus, I’m a sucker for half-sleeves. So, I bought it.

NOTE: After searching through for dresses, I became aware that many of the suppliers are Oriental. Their sizing is, apparently, quite different from ours. Several items had warnings that you should order a size or two up from your usual US size. But, leave it to us good ol’ Americans… Angry comment after angry comment described the clothes as “tiny”, “perhaps doll clothes”, “child-sized”. This worried me a bit, but I decided to brave it. I ordered a Medium (when I ordinarily try to find Extra-Smalls).

It fits perfectly! It does look exactly like I expected, is full-length, and will (I expect) be very fun to wear. 🙂

The only down-side is that the elastic around the sleeve is a bit too tight. But, I am hopeful that it will be a quick, simple fix.

(I hope to wear this with denim, scarves, cute belts, boots, pumps, or whatever suits the occasion!)


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