Traveling Entertainment

I’m talking about when you’re on the road for hours on end, wondering how to pass the time. You’re tired. You’ve seemed to exhaust every semi-interesting conversation topic. And, as “shotgun”, it’s still your job to keep the driver awake.

Kyle and I travel together for at least 4 hours every week (all in one day). Sometimes, it’s twice that, or more. So, we’re getting lots of practice at keeping each other awake, and finding ways to enjoy the trip. Here are a few things we do frequently:

  • Listen to the radio (often The Big 98, or 95.5, and sometimes Hippie Radio), and “critique” songs. We pull them apart from an artistic perspective. Why do we like the feel of this song? The chords? The instrumentation? Why is it catchy? Is it the lyric structure (regardless of the quality of the story it tells)? Perhaps the voice? etc. We’re geeky this way, I guess. We even sometimes talk about what color the songs are…
Or, you could always pass the time by taking wild selfies. ;-)

Or, you could always pass the time by taking wild selfies. 😉

  • Work on Song writing. We’re not great at it. In fact, seeing as we don’t even sing any of our songs, I’d say we’re probably pretty bad at it. But, it’s a skill worth having, and an activity worth doing. Long car rides are the perfect platform.
  • Talk theology. Haha, with a brother like mine, this one can be very effective at producing lots of stimulating conversation. What’s been on your mind lately? What theological topic has been confusing for you? Which topics do you need to understand how to defend more effectively? etc.

  • Listen to Audio Books. This, I think is our favorite. We’ve listened to all of Radio Theatre’s production of the “Narnia” series by C.S. Lewis, along with Les Miserables, and another one or two. We’re currently listening to “Barnaby Rudge” by Charles Dickens, read by Mil Nicholson, via We download enough chapters to take us to our destination, and enjoy it the whole way. Mil Nicholson is my favorite reader so far, I think. We’ve also listened to (the entirety of?) “Sherlock Holmes” (various readers) by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I HIGHLY recommend checking them out, and downloading some classics ASAP. 🙂

What do y’all like to do on those long car rides?


2 thoughts on “Traveling Entertainment

  1. victoria says:

    We will sometimes see how many different state license plates we can spot or we each pick a different colored car and then see how many we can tally of the color we selected. The one with the most wins. We also bring along MP3 players, books and magazines to read or read aloud. If we’re trying to keep the driver awake, we stop at Starbuck’s. 🙂

    • Claire says:

      Yes! Those are all awesome ideas. We grew up playing “the alphabet game” (spotting each letter of the alphabet somewhere outside the car), and finding all the states on license plates. And, we have definitely utilized the Starbucks idea for the driver… 🙂

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