Get the Look…

I have a certain fascination with the 40’s, 50’s, and early 60’s. There was so much class, so much tasteful femininity, so much awesome music, and great movies…

But, I have found it pretty unpleasant looking online at all these modern ladies trying to get the look of the 1940’s. The hair is often ridiculously extreme, along with the make-up, and so many other details. Finally, however, I have stumbled across a make-up tutorial that is much more reasonable. I think I’ll be referring to this for a special 1940’s-themed event I’m hoping to attend this weekend!

Now, I just have to decide what to do with my hair…


3 thoughts on “Get the Look…

  1. hazeleyes97 says:

    Love this Claire! I was needing a good 40’s make-up tutorial. . . and I agree, it ticks me off to see such a beautiful era like the 40’s modernized in such a, well, unattractive way! Thanks again for the tutorial! Oh, and for hair, the thing thats worked for me is rag curls. . they are awesome! Also, to really get the 40’s look, my sisters and I found this brush that is utterly awesome! You just have to simply brush out the curls and it looks authentic! 🙂

    (I think you can get it at Sally Beauty in Dickson. Just an idear! 🙂
    Looking forward to seeing you this Saturday!!!

    • Claire says:

      Hmm… I wonder if I can swing the rag curls AND the market in one day. 😛 We’ll see! Great tip. I’ll have to check out that brush, too! See y’all Saturday, Lord willing. 🙂

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