Season Transition: Wardrobe Purging

The warm weather is not gone, but we have more and more hints that it’s on it’s way out. This means that it’s time to take a look at your wardrobe. Should some of it be on it’s way out, too? Look at all your spring and summer clothes, especially.

Here’s a flow chart I created to help with the purging:

Seasonal Wardrobe Purging flow chart

For more detail:

An easy first step is to spy any of those pieces that are bad colors on you. If it’s a bad color, it probably shouldn’t be in your closet. Purge it. Next step:

Does it fit you?

  • No

Purge it. Someone else can put it to better use.

  • Yes…

Did you wear it at all during the season?

  • No

Purge it. If you did without it for an entire year, you can do without it for good.

  • Yes

Now we’re talking. It’s a great color, it fits nicely, and you’ve proven that you’ll wear it. If you have the space, I’d say you’ve found yourself a keeper.


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