Just For the Ladies…

Okay, ladies. It’s time to have a little talk. It should be quick, and, hopefully, painless. Here goes:

Tops (including dresses) – If you can see your undergarments, wear a camisole, slip, or tank to hide it. Showing your undergarments is embarrassing to others, even if not to you.

Skirts (also including dresses) – Before putting it on, hold the skirt up to a light. If you can see light… so, when you move your hand back and forth in front of the skirt, and you can see the movement… then you need a slip (A half slip will usually do just fine. In fact, I like wearing cotton skirts as slips, a lot of the time. They’re much cooler!). This goes even for those skirts and dresses that have a built-in liner. So often, these liners are not actually enough to do the job – or are only half the length of the skirt.

Even our favorite Lizzie Bennet isn’t faultless in this area… This scene, in particular, is a bit embarrassing from the lack of slips.

These tips help your outfit to look its best on you, and help you to look knowledgable and respectable in the ways of fashion.

Thank you!



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