For the Dance

This is for ladies and gentlemen alike:

At the end of the dance, regardless of your personal enjoyment of the dance or your partner’s company, you thank them for the dance. End of story.

Ladies, he could have chosen to dance with any other lady there… Or to not dance at all. You should be grateful!

Gentleman, she could have easily turned you down. Give her the best experience you can, and thank her for the opportunity.

Found on Pinterest… From A&E’s “Pride & Prejudice”.


3 thoughts on “For the Dance

  1. Mom says:

    I’m so enjoying your daily posts! I collect (of all things) etiquette books! I am fascinated by politeness, and disheartened that few people teach it to their children now. It’s a pretty tough way to send them out into the world. I think that manners are an incredibly important life skill!

    • Claire says:

      Thank you so much! I definitely agree that manners are an important life skill. Even if you don’t know all the minute details of how to handle a situation (Which fork? Where does the napkin go? etc…), you can be a kind, polite person. My goal here is to encourage general politeness, and learn/explain those minute details as well.

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