Funeral Etiquette

This past weekend, I attended the funeral of a dear, and very loved woman. The funeral procession, alone, could have shown you how loved she was. Since I was driving near the end of the long line of cars, I was able to see and appreciate this all the more. But, there was something else in that drive that I was touched by. Though I have witnessed countless funeral processions in the past, I was, for some reason, particularly struck by one recurring event: The drivers, not in the procession, in the other lane, pull over until the whole line of cars is past.

I found this photo on an article addressing funeral traffic etiquette on

I’ve been made aware that this is not actually customary in some regions. But, I will take this brief moment to state how much I appreciate that this IS the custom here. I saw farmers (pulling cattle trailers), and even a semi-truck all pull over out of respect for the event. Everyone we passed did the same. Think of it, perhaps, like a gentleman removing his cap; placing your right hand over your heart; facing the flag… It’s a simple sign of your personal respect for the situation.



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