Wedding Invitations: What to Look For

Check out these lovely invitations by ameasuredgift on Etsy!

We just received a wedding invitation in the mail, which means there are now several items on our to-do list:

  1. Look for the “Please RSVP by” date.
  2. Check calendars, make arrangements, and RSVP promptly. – The RSVP should be in the manner indicated (e.g. there was a phone number after the RSVP date on this invitation, so we will call to respond). If no specific manner is requested, you should respond in the same form that the invitation came in. Generally, this would mean mailing your response via snail mail. Yes, you can still do that. 🙂 If it was an invitation to your whole family, be sure to indicate the number of family members that will be attending. –
  3. Look for a dress code. If no dress code is specified, then you must go by what time of day the wedding will take place. More on that in later posts.
  4. Buy (or make) a wedding present for the couple. Even if you cannot go to the wedding, you should send a gift.

Now, to go RSVP to that invitation we just got… 🙂


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