Fashion Rules: To Break, or Not to Break? – 6

Today we wrap up our series reviewing 11 fashion rules, based on THIS article. The last rule concerns wearing boots with dresses… To break or not to break?

  1. No White After Labor Day
  2. Don’t Mix Prints
  3. No Heels for Tall Girls
  4. Your Handbag and Shoes Should Not Match
  5. Ditch the Mom Jeans
  6. Designer Bags are the Only Way to Go
  7. Don’t Mix Metals
  8. Don’t Wear Brown and Black Together
  9. Don’t Mix Casual with Dressy
  10. No Denim on Denim
  11. Don’t Wear Boots with Shorts or Dresses

This is a picture of several mothers in our church (including my own!) surprising the bride and groom with a secretly prepared version of “Footloose”… in their boots and dresses. It was amazing, y’all.

11) I believe that the combination of boots and dresses is legitimate, under the right circumstances. However, I may be somewhat biased. I live way back on dirt roads in the Middle of Nowhere, TN, and have always lived within an hour and a half of Nashville. Boots are very normal, standard footwear. If it is a truly formal event, then I think the ladies should probably opt for pumps. But, even then, I think the gentlemen can wear well-shined black boots with their suits.

What do y’all think?



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