Fashion Rules: To Break or Not to Break? – 4

Today brings us to fashion rules numbers 7 and 8 from THIS article… To break or not to break?

  1. No White After Labor Day
  2. Don’t Mix Prints
  3. No Heels for Tall Girls
  4. Your Handbag and Shoes Should Not Match
  5. Ditch the Mom Jeans
  6. Designer Bags are the Only Way to Go
  7. Don’t Mix Metals
  8. Don’t Wear Brown and Black Together

Mixed metals… stacking rings. (from harper’s

7) I love to go classic with style. And honestly, I think gold and silver together CAN be classic. In fact, the ring I am wearing right now was my grandmother’s, and has both gold and silver. I love it, and think it is a beautiful piece of classic jewelry. 🙂

What do y’all think? Should they be paired? Are they better separate? Can they be classic combined?

Gold + Silver (from


8) In my opinion, brown and black can absolutely be worn together. However, I would want to make sure that the contrast between the colors is very definite. Just as in the case of wearing blue and black, for instance: I love some blues with black, but have never gone for the navy + black look. It always strikes me as, “Oops. Your closet has poor lighting, so you accidentally chose the navy instead of the matching black…”.

Below are a few examples of black and brown together.

What do you think?

I’ve seen several outfits that use black with light-colored leather. I think I like it! (from

Here’s almost a grey brown with black. I could definitely go for this look. (from

Here is an example of an outfit where the brown is darker. I would probably like this better if the contrast were more evident, but it’s really not bad. (from


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