Fashion Rules: To Break or Not To Break? – 3

We’ve now covered the first 4 rules mentioned in THIS article. Time to move on to numbers 5 and 6;

  1. No White After Labor Day
  2. Don’t Mix Prints
  3. No Heels for Tall Girls
  4. Your Handbag and Shoes Should Not Match
  5. Ditch the Mom Jeans
  6. Designer Bags are the Only Way to Go

5) Hmm. This is a hard one. If, by “Mom Jeans”, you mean jeans that have high or natural waists, I am in favor of bringing them back. But, that is coming from someone who has a naturally high-ish waistline, and looks best in higher waistlines. Plus, I am only 5’4″, so my legs can easily look really short. Wearing slightly higher waists immediately elongates my silhouette.

As a related note: I have never much liked the low-rise trend, and think it is generally unbecoming. It widens the look of the hips AND the waist, and makes “vertically challenged” girls look even shorter. But, I digress…

What would YOU say when it comes to ladies’ jeans styles?

High Rise Jeans (via Land’s End). Notice how much longer the legs appear, and how much smaller the waist appears with the higher waistline…

Low Rise Jeans (via Land’s End). There is a special deal going on right now at Land’s End…

6) As you probably know, I’m not overly particular about the labels on my clothing or accessories. I really love that moment when I realize that what I’ve just purchased for a couple of dollars at a thrift store is a designer brand. But, I also love a lot of my belongings that are nowhere near designer. I will say, I’ve been a little frustrated with some cheap handbags. Handles break, zippers fail, etc.

What do you think? Is it better to splurge a little for a good purse?


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