The Gingham

Gingham Fabric
As I sat here, wondering what to post, I thought about our cloth napkins. Nothing special, nothing fancy… Just squares of fabric, hemmed, and folded. It’s one detail of our lives that has remained steady through the years. Growing up, I thought everyone used these napkins like we did – for every meal, and then some. I remember being shocked to find out that one of my friends always used paper napkins!

And, this made me realize that I have never explained the name of this blog.

Gingham at 5:30 is what I grew up with. Supper was at 5:30 p.m., and always involved gingham napkins (that Grammy made), folded simply beside each plate. This is a tradition passed on to my mother from my grandmother, and now on to me. I have yet to master the art of having supper on the table EXACTLY at 5:30, but Grammy has had several decades more experience… 🙂

So, when I think of home, homemaking, cooking, and family, gingham napkins at 5:30 sharp are always there in the background.


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