Dancing Etiquette – Ending the Dance

Dancing etiquette is a subject that really deserves its own series. But, for now, I am going to focus only on what happens right after the dance ends. The non-negotiable response after every dance is to thank your partner. Now, there will be dances that you end up dancing with someone who was not your original partner, but you still consider your latest partner the one to whom you owe your gratitude. This goes for the ladies AND the gentlemen.

The next step is for the gentlemen to lead their partner off the dance floor. Don’t leave her stranded there, like some poor lost soul. Simply offer your hand (in the same manner as during the dance…), and walk with her to some spot that would not be considered the dance floor.

This is a good example of how to take hands, whether for leading on or off the dance floor. Leave it to Jane and Mr. Bingley. 🙂 (Image found on Pinterest)

And, finally, ask if she would like a drink. If the answer is, “Yes, please,”, leave her there, and go fetch her a drink. Not only does this show that you care, and are a true gentleman, but it can seriously cut down the drink line. If only the gentlemen are in line, things will move along much more efficiently (for various reasons! 😉 ).



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