Make Moving In Easier

This is a great post that I happened upon while snooping around the other day on Living on a Dime. It was too good not to share! Enjoy.

Moving Idea – Make Moving Easier For The New People

photo by: artotemsco

Here are some more moving ideas from Jodee, one of our readers:

When we were putting together our “kits” for moving we also made one to leave in our old house.

  • We put toilet tissue, paper towels, hand soap, paper plates and cups, plastic utensils, and some band-aids in it.
  • We also put in some simple, “kid friendly” snacks like peanut butter crackers and fruit roll-ups.
  • In a separate box, we included all of the owners manuals and warranties for various appliances, faucets and other items in the house.
  • We also included a list that identified the various plants and fruit trees around the property, the locations of faucets, the locations of the shut-offs for gas, electric, and water, and other similar information about the property.
  • We also left a local phone book on the counter and wrote a list with the names and numbers of the local electric, gas, phone, and cable companies on the front, as well as the phone numbers of a few good restaurants that delivered and the names of nearby neighbors.
  • The entire project took less than 30 minutes and cost very little. We did it just because it seemed like a good idea and because we thought it would have been nice for someone to have done that for us. Several weeks later, we received a gracious card from the new owners thanking us profusely. They appreciated it so much that we have decided that when we move again we will do the same thing again.


When Mike and Tawra moved from Kansas to Colorado, they left instructions a their old house about how some unusual items in the house worked– the location of the septic system and some other information they hoped wold be helpful to the new owners.

Along this same line, when Tawra moved into a new house a couple of moves ago, her new neighbor didn’t just bring a plate of brownies. She brought a basket with a few inexpensive things for the kids like bubbles, coloring books and small games to help entertain them while mom and dad were busy trying to get settled in. I thought this was such a nice and different idea!




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