Fitting In… A Strapless Dress!

I couldn’t find very many pictures of me in my strapless dress. But, let me tell you, this black lace dress (found at our local thrift store for… $10?) has been one of the BEST pieces for my performance wardrobe.

When I first bought the dress, I assumed I was getting it for the lace. Just $10 for that much black lace was a steal! I could do a lot with that. But, just for kicks, I tried it on. To my very great surprise, it nearly fit. The silhouette was nice – a fitted bodice with a long, full skirt – so it made me wonder if I couldn’t make this thing work.

My first variation was roughly as follows:

Since the sweetheart neckline was too revealing for me, and there were no straps to hold the thing up, I grabbed my trusty safety pins and a favorite sheer black scarf. I held the scarf up from shoulder to shoulder (solving the revealing neckline), and safety-pinned it where you would naturally attach straps. Then, I simply pulled the “tails” up and tied them behind my neck. This solved the lack of straps. No more worrying about a dress falling down! 🙂

Strapless Dress + Scarf diagram

Here’s roughly what the bodice looks like with the scarf. I included the safety pins just to let you see where I use them.

To add sleeves, I just wore a sheer black blouse, tied in the front to maintain the silhouette. Ta-da!

Lately (since it’s easier, and more comfortable for my neck), I’ve just been wearing a black shell or tank top underneath the dress. I pin the bodice to my straps to keep it up nicely, add a blouse/shrug/jacket/etc., a necklace (or several!) and call it done. Here, I’ve tied a basic denim shirt over it. I wore several necklaces to add bling and minimize the look of the separate shell. (Thanks to Olivia and Kaliste for the fabulous photo shoot with our band! Y’all are awesome. 🙂 )


4 thoughts on “Fitting In… A Strapless Dress!

  1. Brigid Boyer says:

    What a neat idea! I recently wore a maxi skirt as a dress with a tee underneath, and it worked splendidly! I’ve never thought of adding a scarf for faux straps on a strapless dress!
    P.S. What is the name of your band? My sisters and I sing in a trio and we sing a couple of bluegrass tunes.

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