Fitting In Your Clothes… Tied Tops

No kidding, folks, this is one of the best finds through the years to make my outfits work.

What you need:

  • Tank top/shell/short sleeve T-shirt, etc.
  • Lightweight button-down top.

If either the “undershirt” or the button-down are a little too large, this should fix it right up. Simply tie the front of the button-down in a knot, and voila! No one will know that those darts never fit right, or that the back of the shirt could have fit two of you.

It’s a little hard to see in this picture… especially since I’m wearing black-on-black. But, here I’m wearing a sequin tank top with a lightweight button-down tied over it. This gave me sleeves and made my outfit a little more flattering. I do this A LOT. 🙂

 (Oh, and, everything but the belt – found at a yard sale – was bought at Goodwill!)



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