Fitting In Your Clothes… Belts

Ever since Miss Connie (commonly referred to as my unofficially adopted mother… also, the bass player in our band) handed me three wide ribbons and said, “I used to wear these as belts…”, my wardrobe has been redefined.

Just three long pieces of grosgrain ribbon in navy, black, and bright red, they have gone on to save and improve many an outfit for me. In this picture (taken several years ago), I’m wearing the navy ribbon. It’s serving two purposes: 1.) Making my blouse appear to fit better than it really does (and, simultaneously emphasizing my waist for a flattering silhouette) and 2.) Preventing my back from showing when I bend over.

So simple! And SO helpful.

(Sorry the picture doesn’t show the outfit better!)

Navy grosgrain ribbon, wrapped twice around my waist, and tied in a simple bow.

Here, I used a bright red scarf around my waist, to accomplish the same tasks as the navy ribbon. It was the 4th of July, 2011, so I was red, white, and blue!


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