Fitting In (…Your Clothes)

This series will be relevant for young girls who can no longer really wear little girls clothing, but don’t like/can’t quite fit into junior’s clothing… are still too young for women’s clothing.

It will also, however, be relevant for women like me… What I affectionately call, “Toothpicks”.

One day, I finally decided to sit down and take one of those online questionnaires for finding out what dress size I am. I thought, “Why haven’t I thought of this before? This could be so helpful…”

My results came in. As I suspected, I am something like a size zero, or XS. Great! I love being small… I really do. Most people hear my size and think, “Lucky dog. What I wouldn’t give…”

But, there’s a catch. Unless you sew all of your own things, and/or are good at taking-in, clothes (in general) don’t fit.

I’ve done a post in the past, describing a few helpful tricks for making outfits more modest. Several of these tips will work well for making outfits fit better, too! Also, I mentioned in that post that I would try to remember to do a post about one of my performance outfits (a variation of which is shown in the picture above… That, my friends, is a strapless lace dress.). Just like me, I had completely forgotten about this! So, now that I’m back on this topic, I hope to post that ASAP.


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