Shopping With A Mission

Missionary Ridge in Milledgeville, GA

Miss Connie and me debuting our white outfits… Mine was completely thrifted. Total cost: probably $10 or less.

So, now that I’ve opened the door to discussing thrifting, I thought I’d go ahead and explore that subject a bit more.

Question: Isn’t it frustrating to hunt through all that stuff just to find a decent blouse?

Answer: Sometimes it is. Yes. But, I find that it helps to go in with a plan – to shop with a mission. I try to keep a list (on my dresser, or some place) of items that I find I need or want. Recently, that list looked something like this:

  • Brown Blouse
  • Nude Pumps (I found some at Payless, and love them so much that I posted about them HERE!)
  • Lace Top… or something… to complete my white performance outfit??? (I found several options, and spent less than what I would have had to for ONE item at the mall.)
  • Everyday, casual tops

Since I add to this list whenever I think of something I need, I know it’s pretty comprehensive. I’ll either stick it in my purse, or glance at it to refresh my memory, and head to Goodwill. This saves me all the time I might spend just aimlessly shuffling through random blouses. I know I need a solid brown blouse, so I look for that section. I need lacey tops, shrugs, tanks… anything that might help complete my performance outfit. So, I look for lace.

This should save you LOADS of time, and probably a lot of money, too. 🙂


One thought on “Shopping With A Mission

  1. victoria says:

    I love the idea of going in with a list! We tend to be the type that wander all through the store and waste lots of time sifting through stuff we don’t need. I like to keep a container of hand wipes in the car to wash our hands afterwards as we never know whether all those clothes are clean or not. You can find some great stuff though at the thrift shops.

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