“Where Did You Get That Outfit???”

The answer: Goodwill.

I am so spoiled by shopping at Goodwill that I can hardly make myself purchase clothing from anywhere else. Yes, you do sometimes have to search hard for those true “finds” (as we call them)… those hidden gems. But, I enjoy the hunt, and it has been SO worth it through the years.

My pocketbook isn’t one that can blow a lot on new outfits. My taste and my life right now, however, are! I live on a farm, teach fiddle lessons, dress nicely to go to town, dress up to go to church, and am a member of a bluegrass band. Oh, and there has also been the very occasional formal event in my life.

Nearly my whole outfit here is from Goodwill (as always πŸ˜‰ )!

My Closet:

  • Farm/Chore Clothes
  • Everyday (at home/teaching) Clothes
  • Church Clothes
  • Performance Clothes
  • 2 or 3 Formal Gowns

Aside from the formal gowns, these are all clothes that I wear frequently. One of the great things about shopping at Goodwill (and other thrift stores) is that, if it wears out, you can replace it with something different for only a few bucks. If you get tired of it, donate it, and spend $5 on something new.

As a young woman, shopping for myself now, I’m trying to learn how to spend wisely. I am also trying to raise my standards for everyday fashion. These aren’t incompatible goals!

Raise your standards, lower your budget. Go thrifting. πŸ™‚


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