Time Is Running Out!

Time is almost up, y’all!

The Fresh Apparel kickstarter has raised enough money for the first goal ($7,400 to launch Fresh Apparel’s first style – the Errand #17 Denim Skirt!), and is now trying to reach the second goal: $13,100.

Fresh Apparel’s Errand #17 Denim Skirt

This second sum will enable the launch of a SECOND, backer-chosen skirt.

Already over $10,000… Just a little more to go! Hop on over to Fresh Apparel’s kickstarter page, and help make this dream come true!

Here’s a little bit from Olivia:

Dirt-cheap from China is fine, but you know what’s better? Feeling awesome about supporting a passionate small business. Each Fresh Apparel skirt will be the product of incredible businesses working together for you, to get you the best price possible. The manufacturer I am set to begin production with is an amazing 3rd-generation company located in Bristol, TN that you may have heard of—L.C. King Manufacturing. After visiting just twice I feel like I have cheerleaders and friends among the family there. The denim I’ve chosen is also US-grown + woven. Backers will be helping me choose the hue.


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