More Kid-Friendly Work

With this gorgeous weather we’ve had lately, I’ve been motivated to slowly conquer the wilds of our yard. We live in a very rural area, with a small creek on three sides of the yard, and trees everywhere. The creek will be beautiful one day, Lord willing, but right now it’s so overgrown that you can’t really appreciate it.

Thanks to a weedeater, some good loppers, and a hammer, Luke and I have made a lot of progress. Luke is an all-boy, tough farm kid. He likes a challenge, and I found one.

The little footbridge has been in need of removal for some time, now, and Luke was in need of a job. As soon as I mentioned it, I could see his wheels turning. He grabbed a hammer, and set to work. After several hours, the bridge was an unrecognizable pile of boards, and our burn pile was well-populated. It’s amazing what 11 year-old energy can do with a hammer.

Once again, don’t hesitate to put those kids to work! You’ll appreciate the productivity, and they’ll learn and have fun in the process!


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