Productive Fellowship/What to Have on Hand

What to Have on Hand: A miniature shovel. Thankfully, we’ve kept one or two of these around the place! It’s so much more manageable for kids, but still useable!

We currently have some of the most awesome neighbors ever. Not to brag, or anything…

Just up the hill, we have our HQ for our small dairy operation, along with a guest house. In that guest house live several adorable, lovable, sweet girls who are always interested in what’s going on around the farm. In fact, they now know the names of our dairy cows better than I do. 🙂

So, the other day when I got out to prepare the dairy facility for some landscaping, I had 5 pairs of little hands eager to help out. While they didn’t need to be helping me scrub the building with bleach, they certainly could stay busy picking up trash and pulling weeds. Let me tell ya, folks, these girls can pull some weeds. By the time I was finished with my scrubbing, the chickweed forrest had disappeared, and a lovely future-flowerbed lay in its place.

This was unplanned fellowship, unmeasurable in worth, yet as casual as it can get.


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