Beaverdam Creek Farm

As long as I’m already on the theme of the Franklin Farmers Market, I might as well do a series of posts highlighting some of the vendors. You’ve heard about Emma’s GF Baking Mixes, and very briefly about our lemonade stand. Now for our dear neighbors: The Lingos at Beaverdam Creek Farm.

The Lingos have been a big part of our life for the better part of ten years now. Oddly enough, we met in Virginia (at Joel Salatin’s farm) at a time when they lived in Georgia and we lived in a different area in Tennessee. Little did we know that, just a few years later, we’d be next-door neighbors with farms.

Today, the Lingo family runs a vegetable CSA. This means that they give shareholders big, beautiful baskets full of freshly picked veggies every week for 23 weeks. We’ve gotten anything from different types of lettuces, to potatoes, to all different kinds of tomatoes, to adventurous veggies that I can’t even spell the names to. 🙂

It’s pretty amazing stuff, y’all.

To learn more about their story, click HERE.

To sign up for their email newsletter (keeping you up to date with what’s in season, farm news, etc.), click HERE.


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