Emma’s Gluten Free Baking Mixes

Having gone wheat-free (fairly strictly, due to a possible wheat sensitivity) for… 2 years?… I know how difficult it can be to find really good, tasty, enjoyable gluten-free choices. If it’s not so hard or chewy that your jaws dread a second helping, it’s sandy or dry and disappointing.

But, we have found the solution. One of my best friends, who has cooked many a gluten-free meal over the past several years, has developed some incredible baking mixes. Not only has she done a great job for her family and those of us fortunate enough to experience her cooking, she now sells these mixes to the public!

Pop Tarts, biscuits, pancakes, ravioli (heavenly!!!), and more…

Find out more:

Coming soon: Emma’s Gluten Free Mixes blog (offering detailed baking instructions with pictures).

Visit Emma on Facebook (Click HERE.)

And you can come by and visit her table at the Franklin Farmer’s Market. You won’t be sorry!


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