Pudding Secrets

Luke just couldn't help but touch the meringue...

Luke just couldn’t help but touch the meringue…

For several days, Daddy and I have been craving homemade banana pudding. Due to a sad lack of vanilla wafers in the house, this meant that the first step to satiating the craving was to make the cookies.


Next, of course, was the pudding. Due to a shortage of eggs on the farm, we had to wait another day for a fresh supply. That done, the pudding-making commenced… After a quick phone call to Daddy. “What are your secrets? Mine always turns out grainy…” His answer?

  • Follow the recipe in Better Homes and Gardens New Cookbook for Vanilla Cream Pie Filling (as opposed to the Vanilla Pudding recipe)
  • Once you have thoroughly combined the cornstarch and sugar, pour in a little bit of the milk to make a thick slurry. NO HEAT yet.
  • Still NO HEAT: Stir in the egg yolks to the slurry, until everything is smooth and well combined.
  • Add the remaining milk and, stirring constantly, heat until thick.
  • After the first good “glop” (so, before it starts boiling), remove from heat.

Worked beautifully. 🙂


Must have been pretty good!

Must have been pretty good!


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