Ladylike Tip #10 – Be Punctual

Princess Anna from Frozen (via Pinterest)… She forgot about coronation day, woke up late, and still managed to be ready once her alarm went off… in the form of a butler’s voice. 😉

Tip #10: Be Punctual.

We ladies aren’t exactly known for being punctual. And, from time to time, there are valid excuses for why you could not possibly have shown up on time. But, those excuses should be few and far between.

Waking up late is not a valid excuse.

  • If you know you need to get up and at ’em, set an alarm or something.
  • This is not all about you. Sacrifice some personal comfort to arrive when planned.

Forgetting is not a valid excuse.

  • As terrible as this may sound, I’m serious. You have a calendar. You probably have several calendar and alarm apps. You have a well-functioning, fearfully and wonderfully made brain. Put these assets to use!
  • Once again, use the job interview as the example. You wouldn’t have just forgotten to show up for that…

If something truly legitimate comes up (an important phone call that takes precedence; a sick child; all the cows get out – speaking from personal experience…; the car randomly won’t start; fire; tornadoes; hurricanes; ice storms; etc.), then send as much warning as you can to those expecting you.


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