Ladylike Tip #9 – Show up.

A bad hair day is not a legitimate excuse to cancel. Show up anyway. (Carol Burnett… via Pinterest)

Tip #9: Show up.

This is not a suggestion. This not even merely a request. This is a necessity.

If you’ve made an appointment, accepted an invitation, agreed on a meeting point and time, or set any other expectations… Be there. Showing up is such a basic element of etiquette that, on the one hand, it’s easy to overlook. On the other hand, it can’t be stated too bluntly or encouraged too much!

Let’s paint 2 scenarios:

#1) You and your best friend decide to meet for frappes tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. Handy-dandy iPhone apps are informed, and all is set.

#2) An opportunity knocks, and you find yourself scheduled for a job interview (tomorrow morning at 10) that means the world to you. The pressure is on.

Tomorrow rolls around earlier than usual, and a glance at your mirror reveals that you are still in your yoga pants at 9 a.m. Your exercise routine is only halfway finished, your bed is completely disheveled, and your hair looks even worse. What should you do?

The fact is, the answer should be essentially the same for either scenario. Forget the Pilates, hit the shower, and make it to that appointment. Show up hungry. Show up stiff, sore, and with uncurled hair. Just show up.

Granted, there will always be exceptions. But, you get my point. šŸ™‚

Now, for conclusion, let’s look at the other side of our first scenario (for the sake of better illustration).

#1) Your best friend didn’t have much time to spare, but decided that it would be worth it to make some time FOR YOU. She declined an invitation from someone else in favor of spending that hour with YOU.

Do you really want to send that text: “So sorry. Late night. Crazy morning, so can’t make it. XOXO”?




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