Ladylike Tip #7 – Serve

via Pinterest 🙂

Tip #7: Serve.

Even though your gentlemen are (and should be) allowed the privilege of opening your doors and offering their chairs, they need not be the only ones lending a helping hand. You should always be ready to help… Which means, first of all, becoming aware of where help is needed.

There’s a buggy traffic jam on aisle 5 in the grocery store. The lady in front of you inadvertently knocks the box of granola bars to the floor, and those individually wrapped nuggets of all-natural fibrous goodness fly all across the crowded floor.

Instinct may very well tell you that this would be the perfect time to go low-carb, and skip the granola bars this week. Time to make a u-turn and move on to canned goods.

But, seriously? There are 20+ granola bars scattered about, ready to be stepped on and rolled over, and one poor woman wondering how in the world she created the scene. She is probably expecting frustrated co-shoppers to finally give up on that aisle and make annoyed u-turns.

Hmm. You have 2 choices:

  1. Join the huffy crowd and head to the canned artichokes.
  2. Be the lady that defies all expectations and stoops to join in the fun of picking up those granola bars.

Choose the second. Pick up the granola bars with a smile.

Let the merging car in with a smile.

Mop up the spill with a smile.

Run the extra errand with a smile.

Go the extra mile… with a smile. 🙂



2 thoughts on “Ladylike Tip #7 – Serve

  1. mudpilewood says:

    Neat post, yes I agree we should all do more things with a smile. When we first moved to rural Ireland, everyone in town would greet each other with a smile and hello. I tried it the other day and got one smile, three grunts and a scowl.

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