Ladylike Tip #6 – Dress Appropriately

Tip #6: Dress Appropriately.

As I’ve already done an entire series on dress codes, you can see that this is a big topic, and one that is a favorite of mine. It is an area in which I am always learning and growing. Here are some very simple, basic tips:

  • More bare skin does not mean more attractive.

Dressing attractively does not require baring a lot of skin! In fact, leaving plenty “up to the imagination” is a very good plan. Look back at the 1940’s through the early 1960’s for some fabulous inspiration.

This is the very picture of simple class! A little black dress with below-knee-length hemline, flattering neckline, defined waist… With black pumps and a black hat. Gotta love Audrey Hepburn. (Found on Pinterest)


  • Find styles that flatter your body type.

Just because it looks cute on that model in the catalogue does not mean that it will look cute on you – even if you have an amazing figure! Do you have long legs? Short waist? Broad shoulders? Are you an hourglass or a pear? An inverted triangle or a toothpick?

I recommend working to find what your body type is, and dressing to best flatter it. It can make a world of difference!

  • Find colors that work with your coloring.

Not everyone can wear fuchsia. Khaki makes me look green. But, I know that I can wear several shades of blue, since my eyes are blue.

There are color analysis tests online, but they are only somewhat accurate. If you can simply do some trial and error (especially if you have a friend to offer an opinion!), you’ll be doing yourself and your wardrobe a favor.

This is amazingly important. Wearing the wrong colors can make you look tired, sick, older, heavier, etc. Wearing the right colors can help you look more alert, give you better color and bloom, flatter your figure, etc.

Give it a try!



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